What kind of cheer shoes are athletes required to have?

If my student attends Logos Charter School, how can I use my credits towards cheerleading?

Once the fall season begins, the athlete parent needs to check with their Education Specialist at Logos to see the availability of funds/credits the student has and confirm that they have enough to cover cheerleading each month. Next step is to let Coach Becky know that you will need invoice to go to Logos Charter School. Please note that Logos does not cover summer months.

When does the Rogue competitive season begin and end?

September 6th and ends late April 2023 

Are their volunteer opportunities available at Rogue?

We currently have all the hands on deck that we need for the 22-23 season.

What is the purpose of adding a Game Day Team? 

As Rogue grows going into our third season since opening in 2020, we must also adapt to offer the best and most worthwhile experience for our teams and athletes. Staying the same every season while adding new athletes will only hinder our program as a whole. With increasing numbers at the Youth and Junior level, our programs naturally become more competitive and the standard rises as it does in any healthy, thriving competitive program. Rather than staying the same, we are working hard as a staff to make sure that every athlete gets to experience the thrill of competition if they are ready for it! It’s also important to note that programs often take the route of making cuts when youth programs become too full. We are determined to make more opportunities in lieu of cuts! 

GAME DAY TEAM (Youth and Junior) 

Rogue Youth and Junior teams have grown significantly in the last year! Our goal is to create opportunities for all of our athletes to grow and compete. By creating a Game Day Team we have been able to offer more competitive experiences for our Rogue cheerleaders. Game Day division is a 2:30 second routine that encompasses a cheer, chant, sideline dance, stunting and tumbling! It is a growing division here in Oregon that many rec teams are competing in. Game Day was made popular by NCA Collegiate Nationals, NCA High School Nationals and many other elite competitive events. It is newer to Oregon but growing rapidly and we are excited to enter into this particular division! Rogue Junior Game Day and Rogue Youth Game Day will be our first teams to compete this season at the OCCA Game Day Championships in early October! 


Rogue Traditional Division is a 2:30 second routine that is scored on difficulty of jumps, stunts, pyramid, tumbling, dance, showmanship, voice and more. 

When is team placements for Youth Team?

Youth Team Traditional and Youth Team Game Day will be announced during the break in late August. We do not require a tryout for youth however placements will rely heavily on what the coaching staff has seen at Summer Training. 

What is the Tryout Process for Junior and Senior? 

Starting 6/28 6th-12th graders will be learning tryout material that is made up of a dance, chant and jump sequence. These practices are not judged, this is our time as a staff to help prepare you for your tryout. On July 13th we have our Final Tryout Day. Athletes will come in groups of three and perform the learned material together in front of the coaching staff as well as their best tumbling skill and splits on both left and right leg. We always do a mock tryout or “tryout rehearsal” on the practices prior to get every athlete comfortable with the process. Every athlete is scored on a scoresheet that they will be given at the end of tryouts. We then list what competitive team you have made. You do not have to attend summer training in order to try out, although it is highly encouraged.

If you are out of town during the practices where we are learning the tryout material (6/28-30) , please reach out to coach Becky and we will send you the material via video. If you are unable to attend on the final tryout day (7/13) Please let us know and we will arrange another day for your in person tryout.

Does Rogue do cuts during the tryout process? 

Rogue always reserves the right to close our doors to athletes/parents who do not wish to follow our Code of Conduct or Mission Statement. We are fiercely protective of Rogue and the culture we have built and are working to continue building every season. When it comes to skill level, we do not make cuts. However any contentiousness or divisiveness won’t be welcomed into Rogue Cheer Athletics. 

What if I am not happy with the team that I make? 

Just like in any team sport, the ability to be a team player and a coachable athlete reflects very positively on that athlete. Coaches notice this and won’t think twice to giving these kind of athletes more opportunity to compete, whether it be in that season or the following season. If you are wanting to eventually be on a different team, show your coaches that you are ALL IN where they have placed you. Do your very best right where you are and shine in that position you are given. The team player mindset is crucial in our sport and many young athletes are just now learning what it means to be on a team. With the help of parents and coaches, we can set up these athletes for success in the competitive arena while teaching them valuable lifeskill that will shape them for years to come. The bottom line is, if you eventually want to make a different team, your attitude and commitment towards the team you are placed on will weight heavily on where you go when new opportunity arises. 


At Rogue Cheer Athletics we are determined to see every athlete succeed, this includes success in the financial side of competitive sports. We understand all families carry the stress of financial burden, as a program our goal is to help ease that weight by providing your family opportunity to fundraise. The opportunities we present your athletes with regarding fundraising require hard work, and perseverance. The fundraising information will be shared on our specific BAND groups for those who are currently part of Rogue Summer Training. 

Nationals Sponsorships

This info will be released mid summer – stay tuned

Senior Team (formally known as Nationals team) 

Starting this 2022-2023 season Rogue Cheer Athletics will be giving every Senior aged athlete (and chosen middle school athletes) the opportunity to attend USA Nationals down in Anaheim, California. This includes fundraising for your own trip, the experience of being at Nationals USA, and our trip down to Disneyland as a team. Rogue is growing rapidly, and each athlete’s skill level varies depending on their experience and commitment level. Coaches will assess athletes all-around readiness for a National level competition throughout the summer and at tryouts at the end of July. 

Routine Choreography dates

Coming soon 

Details on UCA camp at Great Wolf Lodge

When: August 8th – 11th 

Who: Junior & Senior team athletes

Transportation: we will be transported via school bus both to and from Grand Mound WA.

Where: Grand Mound, WA – Great Wolf Lodge 

Cost: $400-$500 some fundraising will be available this summer to offset cost