We offer tumbling classes year round with tumbling instructor Bill Hennes. Tumbling classes are available for athletes age pre-k through 12th grade.
Tumbling practices at Rogue Cheer Athletics are open to current Rogue Tiny, Mini, Youth, Junior and Senior athletes. 

Outside high school cheer teams will continue to have the opportunity to rent the Rogue Cheer Athletics space for a separate tumbling class specifically for their cheer team with coach Bill.


One class a week is $40/MO

Two classes a week is $70/MO

Three classes a week is $100/MO

All tumbling payments go directly to Bill Hennes.


– Preschool & Up Tumbling is for athletes ages 4-6 years old

We encourage athlete who have a back walkover and above to attend intermediate / advanced tumbling

Introductory tumbling is for athletes who are working on the fundamentals of all tumbling based skills

Are you wanting to join Rogue Tumbling? We would love to have you! First contact Coach Bill so we can help you get into the right class. Secondly, please sign our RCA Release Waiver AND RCA Membership Agreement prior to your first tumbling class.

Do you have questions about Rogue Tumbling? You can email coach Bill at

Tumbling classes take place at the Rogue Cheer Athletics Gym