Rogue Comp Season Cost 2023-2024

Rogue was established in 2020 starting with around 40 athletes who did all practicing out of a small church gymnasium. Skip forward to 2023 where Rogue Cheer Athletics now serves upwards of 100 athletes in a given competitive season. Rogue’s 11,000 sq ft home gym is open 6 days a week training athletes in both competitive cheerleading and tumbling. A schedule that was comprised of 1-4 Oregon competitions a season has now exceeded our expectations to 5-7 competitions a season with at least half being out of state or on a national level.

To remain a sustainable and functioning business, Rogue is increasing monthly costs starting in 2023. Rogue cheer coaching staff gives their time voluntarily. Funds brought into Rogue Cheer Athletics are then put back into the gyms costly rent, utilities, insurance, equipment, upkeep, uniforms, trainings for coaches and anything and everything that helps Rogue stay functioning as a cheerleading gym for the community of Southern Oregon. We as a staff are committed to keep costs affordable for families while also striving to be a gym that is wise to consider the sustainability of Rogue’s future. Please see the updated Competition Season Cost for 2023 -2024. Please note that camp cost and nationals trip cost is not included and are to be paid separately.


  • Can the cheer cost be paid for in full? Yes. The monthly payment plan is optional. If paying in full it must be done within the first month of the cheer season for the particular team that the athlete is on.
  • When is the monthly cheer cost due? Between the 1st-5th of each month starting in July, August or September depending on which team the athlete is part of for the 2023-2024 season.
  • Is there a late fee if payment is not made on time? Yes, $10 fee per day will accrue starting on the 6th of the month until the payment is made in full.
  • Where are payments made for monthly cheer cost? On the Rogue Parent Portal
  • Does Rogue accept cash or checks? Yes. We take both. All checks can be made out to Rogue Cheer Athletics. Cash and checks can be dropped in the mailbox slot in front of Coach Becky’s office. Please use the envelopes available and put the full name of the athlete and the date on the envelope. Please request a receipt if you are in need of one.
  • Does Rogue offer a sibling discount? Yes. Each sibling after the first athlete is 25% off their monthly cheer cost.
  • what can be fundraised for? Camp cost and Nationals Trip Cost can be fundraised for through the fundraisers and sponsorship program that Rogue Cheer Athletics offers each season starting in May.
  • What fundraisers are being offered? Rogue will be hosting day camps, Clinics, Birthday party camps and Parents Night Out Child Sitting Nights for the community throughout May-August 2023. The fundraising schedule will be available for athletes to sign up for fundraising shifts starting in May.
  • When does Sponsorships for 2023-2024 begin? A sponsor letter to begin collecting sponsors will be provided for Junior and Nationals Team athletes in mid May.
  • Can an athlete fundraise for their monthly cost? No. However a whole team can fundraise for extra items such as warm ups, extra bows or bags etc.
  • Can an athlete receive a sponsorship for their cheer season cost? Yes, but only if it is for a minimum amount of half of the entire season. For example, Youth Gameday athletes pay a total of $1100 for the whole season ($140/month x 7 + $120 registration) so the sponsoring business would need to sponsor a minimum of $550.
  • Are sponsorship tax deductible? Yes. All business sponsors will receive a receipt from Rogue Cheer Athletics that included the proper tax information for their records and next tax seasons deductions.
  • Do athletes keep their uniforms? Yes, the uniforms are purchased for the specific athlete with the registration fee paid the first month of the 2023-2024 season. All teams will be recieving either a new full uniform this season OR a new uniform piece this season (either top or skirt).
  • Does Rogue offer scholarships or hardship assistance? Yes. We offer partial scholarships based on a case by case basis. Athlete’s whose parent(s) are in a full time pastoral role at a Bible-believing church will receive a break on their monthly cost.
  • Can I use EUs if my athlete attends Logos Charter School? Yes, please first check to make sure you have enough EUs available for your cheer cost. Once that is determined you can reach out to Coach Becky and request an invoice be sent to Logos for your athlete.
  • How do I know if I need to make a payment? All balances can be seen on the Rogue Parent Portal starting within the week after the athlete is placed on their team. This will be late June for Junior and Nationals Team athletes, late July for Youth athletes and early September for Tiny Team athletes.
  • When will Nationals Cost Breakdown be available? We plan to have a ballpark estimate of the total cost for each athlete to attend The Quest Nationals in mid May. Athletes will be able to start fundraising towards this cost OR their camp cost at this time. A detailed and final Nationals Cost Breakdown will be available in July once the team is established and plans have been made with our travel agent.
  • Is tumbling cost included? No, tumbling payments go directly to the Rogue tumbling instructors.

Learn more about what teams Rogue is offering this season, camps we are attending, nationals info and more here!