Sideline Attire

October 2021

All athletes who plan to cheer football game sideline (schedule below) that are grades pre-k through 5th grade will need to have the following sideline attire by our first game on September 11th (youth) and September 18th (mini)

  • A black skirt ordered from the GK Elite website. Please go to the following link and order a skirt for your athlete as soon as possible. These skirts will also be used for competition as well as sideline cheering. If you have one of these skirts from last season and it still fits nicely, you do not need to purchase one. GO HERE TO PURCHASE SKIRT: GK ELITE SKIRT
  • White cheer shoes & white socks. Please head over to our FAQs page for more info about cheer shoes requirements. Please have your cheerleader wear white low cut socks with their sideline attire.
  • A Rogue tee shirt. Rogue will be purchasing a Rogue tee shirt for all our athletes free of charge. We will have these shirts available for pick up at the practices the week before our first game. There will be a separate order for extra shirts at a later date that parents can purchase for athletes and family members.
  • Blue and Red bow. The team that we cheer for has two teams per age group. One blue and one red team. We will wear the bow based on the team we are cheering for that particular game. Rogue will be providing these bows for athletes to keep and hold onto. They will receive the bows the at practice the week before our first game.