BIG news for Rogue Cheer Athletics

We are very excited to announce that Rogue Cheer Athletics has its own gym that we can call home!

As the owners of Rogue, we have been searching since June of 2020 for a space for Rogue Cheer Athletics. If you have been with us since the beginning, you know that we have gone from a parking garage , then to a church gymnasium and now most recently a bank in downtown Medford. It’s been wild and God has provided what we need in each season. We truly are so thankful for that. Our current location on Main St. was leased on a month to month basis this last May with the understanding that this could only be temporary. Though the space itself is around 2300 sq ft. The actual usable floor is no more than 1500 sq ft. of which only a half of a cheer floor can fit. Our numbers at Rogue have gone from 53 enrolled last year to now 70 athletes in total and there is new interest all the time. We are bursting at the seams in regards to space. We have continued to search for a larger building since day one when Rogue was established last year. 

On November 5th we signed the lease and got the keys for our new home gym! Let us share with you about this amazing space…

  • 10,350 square feet, with high ceilings and an open floor plan
  • We can fit two FULL cheer floors (42 by 42 each) in the main part of the gym
  • Full wall of ceiling high mirrors along the left side of the gym
  • Full locker room with 50 lockers that will be accessible to our Junior and Senior athletes
  • 3 shower stalls and several changing rooms
  • Plenty of bathrooms (no more sharing just ONE toilet!)
  • We will have a Training Room with a training table and first aid station
  • Two water fountains and 2 faucets in the gym space
  • A childcare room with a guest bathroom
  • Individual offices for our team coaches
  • A separate dance room with a dance stage, mirrored wall and ample space for separate practices and/or dance classes
  • A welcoming entryway and reception desk
  • There will be a guest foyer in the reception area of the gym for comfortable seating
  • You may have been in this space before as it was formerly Women’s Fitness Company for over a decade. It has been vacant since early 2020
  • Our new address is 539 Stevens St. in Medford at the Eagle’s Plaza
  • This space is centrally located. It is directly across the street from Tinseltown, Safeway, Red Robin and many retail stores. A few blocks from Dutch Brothers, which we are stoked about 🙂 It is easily accessed from Biddle or Crater Lake Ave.
  • We now great parking in a private parking lot
  • Our neighbors on the other side of our wall is the THE LAB & NLU – sports training, strength training basketball program and more are offered at this awesome program!

With more space comes MORE opportunity. We are so excited to watch Rogue grow and to be able to offer our athletes an unforgettable competitive cheer experience in a culture that is welcoming, supportive and strives to shine for the Lord!

We currently do not have plans to raise monthly cheer cost even though our expenses will be increasing with this new space. We are committed to keeping Rogue an affordable competitive cheer program for the families in the Rogue Valley. However, we are seeking out EQUIPMENT SPONSORSHIPS as we grow into our new gym. We are looking to get our athletes the following:

a tumble trak

cheer floor

signage for the interior and exterior

– Rubberized flooring for dance room

– Gym Utilities Sponsorships for a 6-12 month commitment

Please contact us at if you are interested in becoming a sponsor of the new Rogue Cheer Athletics home gym!

We are beyond excited to share our new gym with all of you! Rogue Renegade athletes will receive our plan of action as we prepare to move! Please check your BAND app and email for those updates. We will be holding a GRAND OPENING in early December for friends and family. Stay tuned for more info!


Cheerfully, Coach Becky Abbott